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Custom-made formulations


Custom-made formulations to suit your expectations

You can determine all parameters of the product: action, ingredients, consistency, and the final price.

Custom-made formulas are made just for you. They can include both natural and traditional cosmetics.

Cosmetic formulations developed in a joint effort

In the process of developing a product formula, you will get (an unlimited number of) successive versions of the formula to make sure the final product meets all of your expectations.

Exclusivity and copyrights

You will be the exclusive owner of the custom-made formulation created throughout this process, and all copyrights will be transferred under the relevant agreement.

Requirements outside the EU

We can develop a product formulation and the accompanying product dossier meeting the legal requirements of the target market (USA, Japan, Arab countries, etc.).

Virtual address and representation

You can also set up a virtual office at the Science and Technology Park in Opole, for a small fee; what is more, we can represent you on the occasion of an audit or inspection (by the sanitary services or other authorities).

Thus, you will save yourself a lot of stress with the legal issues and you will be able to devote your attention to other important issues in this demanding business. This is just an option.


Longer delivery deadlines

It takes 4 to 6 months of work to develop a product formulation with a whole panel of tests. If you want this process to be completed in a reliable and responsible manner, there is no way we could make this process any shorter.

Higher initial costs

It costs around EUR 2,000 net to develop a product formulation and to prepare the dossier (it can cost more or less, depending on the type of product and the marketing declarations).

Stock-keeping costs of individual raw materials

Please note that whenever ingredients are supplied specifically for your production as they are not part of our regular stock, you may have to cover some additional costs.

Quite obviously, we will do our best to make these costs as low as possible by ordering small quantities of ingredients, and only when the missing ingredients cannot be substituted with any other materials.

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