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About Us

The market is full of cosmetics, some of which are good, some of which are bad. Therefore should be created special.

Edyta Wilk-Domalewska, N Cosmetics

In order to mark your presence on the market, your cosmetics must be truly exceptional. Your product can distinguish itself through form, effectiveness, or innovative features. Large companies operating through well-established distribution networks have long conquered the market of cheap or medium-priced cosmetics.

Therefore the last thing to do for a new brand is to follow in the footsteps of others. We NEVER do that.

Years before the kick-start

Edyta Wilk-Domalewska graduated from the University of Opole with a degree in chemistry (in 2003) and continued her education to become a cosmetologist (post-graduate course at the Technical University of Łódź, 2004).

She started her professional career as a process engineer/manager, working for a cosmetic producer in Poland (2005-2009).

She later became a certified quality manager and an internal auditor for quality management, environmental management and OHS systems (post-graduate studies at the Technical University of Gdańsk, 2010).


The birth of N Cosmetics

The company N Cosmetics Edyta Wilk-Domalewska was incorporated in Gdynia, first as a one-man business based on Polish capital and private property.


The year of preparations and costs

The company’s primary focus was to invent the first product portfolio. First ever cosmetic formulas were developed, both for internal use and for other labels.

The company moved its place of business from Gdynia to Opole.

We made some major investments and generated very little income.


Upper-segment cosmetics

In January, four of our debut cosmetics made their way to selected beauty salons. We were focused on making them truly natural (safe) and innovative (effective).

To much of our delight, our products have won recognition among the clients.

At the end of the year, we launched new products (for mature skin) and hired new people.

The turnover increased by several dozen times, yet the company still recorded a small loss.


New products, new clients and profits

We recorded growth in product portfolio (face cleansing products), the number of employees, and the turnover.

In April, we moved to a new bigger location at the heart of Opole, equipped with a professional laboratory.

The company reported a small profit, having settled a part of the losses from the previous years.


Professional beauty treamtent cosmetics, winning over new clients

We launched a new line of beauty treatment cosmetics dedicated to beauty salons.

We welcomed new members of our team, including new laboratory technicians.

The company reported increasing turnover and profit (after the final settlement of losses from the previous years).


Formulation development and contract production services comes to the foreground

This year was marked by growth in contract production and in formula development services.

Our cosmetics won the first ever international awards.

New products were added to our portfolio of professional cosmetics. The portfolio was expanded to include as many as 30 products.

The turnover and profits continued to increase.


A new office

We moved to a new location at the Science & Technology Park (PNT) in Opole, a perfect venue for innovative up-and-coming companies from the region.

The new place opens up new exciting opportunities.


The distribution of Luxorya brand cosmetics

Luxorya cosmetics are all-natural products, and the majority of ingredients are certified for eco-friendly cultivation and sourcing.

The brand will be distributed along with our own brand products and will be available at selected beauty salons.


Our adventure continues...

We have been working very hard on new projects, many of which are unique in Poland and worldwide.

Expect the unexpected :)