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Our cosmetic formulations are inspired by the latest developments in cosmetology to offer the best effectiveness confirmed in in vivo and in vitro studies.

Some of the cosmetics ingredients added to our product formulations are so innovative that they have never been used in Poland before.



We love natural oils, all-natural plant butters or active extracts, and we use plenty of them in our cosmetic formulations.

However, we use as little mineral oils (paraffin wax, petroleum jelly), synthetic PEG emulsifiers, or any similar petroleum-based products as possible.



We discourage our clients from using controversial ingredients, including parabens, silicons, some of nanomaterials, or allergens.

The product composition and the panel of tests we design are specifically selected to allow for fast and smooth product registration on the local market.



We respect our clients and their business interests from the very beginning (confidentiality agreement, contractual provisions governing copyright transfer) to the very end of our business cooperation (no limits set on the number of formulation versions submitted for acceptance).